Updated 3/1/15

Donation of school supplies like pens, pencils, text books, stationary and art materials will go a long way in supporting the education of the children at the school.  Please click here to see a list of items you can donate..... Read More

Instead of throwing away your gently used clothes, shoes, school supplies and other items, please donate them to GOH. A simple donation of a used shirt is a source of endless joy for our kids.     Read More

DONATE - GOH needs additional funds. Help us raise $5,000 to expedite and complete the School construction.  Your financial donations, big or small, are priceless to our Mission.



PHOTO GALLERIES   Updated 3/1/15

Education - Give the opportunity

Ever since the devastating earthquake, the Haitian education system has deteriorated even further. In a country where education is not a priority, We at GOH have made it part of our mission to provide free education to as many children as we can...

Construction Report

Our hearts are filled with joy as we announce completion of the outer structure.  Since our last report,  all the walls  have gone up, the trusses were built and installed by locals and volunteers. Furthermore, metal sheeting of the roof is 80% complete, and smoothing of the walls and floor will start soon after...

Clean Water Project

We envision launching a water purification program, where we would ship filters that could produce 50-60 gallons of water a day for up to a year.

If you know of agencies that can provide filters, drill fresh water wells, provide sanitation and hygiene,  please contact us today, we want to hear from you....

No-one has ever become poor by giving ~ Anne Frank



Our Mission is to bring a glimmer of hope back into the lives of abandoned and fatherless children by loving them and providing them with education, a safe, secure and spiritually enlightened life.  We are motivated to share with others what we have been given.



We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in the USA. As missionaries, we travel to Haiti and we extend a helping hand to the poor.

Using our own and donated resources, we are able to provide no-cost education, free supplies, drinking water, free food, free clothing to children who are either abandoned, orphaned or whose parents are too poor to feed them.



We are a charity operating solely on donations we receive from good Samaritans like you. All the donations we receive, financial and otherwise, go to supporting the Mission.

We receive freely, and give back freely. We believe that  providing  children with free education, supplies and food is an effective method to keep them off the street and into a classroom.

This is our small initiative to break the cycle of poverty and despair in Haiti. Supporting our Mission ensures a future for the children, who would otherwise be in the streets, laboring in the fields, uneducated and lost.

If you think education is expensive try  ignorance

~ A Proverb